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Veterok Bike Rental is situated at the beautiful Odesa coast, 30 meters from the Trasa Zdorovya (Zdorovya Track meaning Track of Health) which comfortably stretches along the picturesque shores of the Black Sea, comprising pedestrian and cycle lanes. We have a variety of bicycles for hire, for you, your family and friends to have an amazing day full of fun and joy!


1) Come to the Veterok rental shop (Odesa, Otrada).`

2) Choose your bicycle from a variety of types and sizes — city bikes, mountain bikes, women’s bikes, children’s bikes, bike trailers, and a gorgeous tandem bikeand benefit from our attractive prices.

3) Leave a deposit, consisting of two parts: cash (500UAH/50EUR/50USD ) and an ID. If the bicycle you have rented is returned intact, then you get the whole deposit back as soon as you have finished your ride. If the bike or any part of it is damaged, then we will assess the damage and withhold the relevant amount from the cash part of your deposit.

4) Orientation. Our instructor will brief you about the safe usage of your bike and riding in Odessa. Bear in mind that you children can safely practice their first rides at a convenient spot next to the rental shop.

5) Enjoy the ride!

Call us for enquiries +38 (094) 952 1389, +38 (048) 795 8389, +38 (067) 928 1529
(you do not need the +38 if you are using a local operator’s SIM-card).

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